Trust & Company Administration, HR, Payroll & ACC

Abacus Administration Limited is a company formed by the Directors of Diprose Miller Limited to assist our clients with the day to day running of their business in terms of HR, Payroll & ACC as well as the administration of their Trusts and Companies. This initiative has been prompted by the increasing complexity and risk of administering all of these services.  This type of work is demanding more and more of our time with much of the work taking place "behind the scenes".

HR / Payroll / ACC / RWT Services

Human Resources

We are able to provide a full range of professional HR services from advice on employment  issues to the preparation of Employment Agreements.  We have a relationship with EMA which enables us to make referrals for complex employment issues. We can also provide Contract for Service which include  50/50 Sharemilking, Variable Order, Contract Milking, Deed of Rural  Lease & Grazing Agreements.


We offer a comprehensive range of Payroll services.  This includes the preparation of wages with the use up to date payroll software which enables time and leave records to be accurately recorded, preparation of PAYE, IR filing to the IRD and liaising with Government Departments: ACC for employee claims, Work & Income, and Ministry of Justice in relation to payroll.


The ACC administration services we offer include reviewing and checking invoices, processing CoverPlus Extra applications, liaising with CoverPlus Extra Underwriters during 3 yearly reviews, liaising with ACC in relation to invoices and reassessments.


We undertake RWT (Resident Withholding Tax) administration for our clients which includes filing of returns and the preparation of annual reconciliations.

Keeping Clients Updated

Abacus Administration periodically run topical seminars for our clients on Employment and ACC.

Trusts & Other Services:


Due to the abolition of Gift Duty it is no longer necessary to have a gifting programme, however depending on your personal situation this may still be necessary.  We can oversee any annual gifting programme by preparing the necessary documentation each year as well as any one off gifting you require.

Trust Resolutions

We prepare Annual Trust Resolutions in conjunction with your Annual Financial Statements as well as any other resolutions necessary to ensure that decisions made by the Trustees are appropriately recorded.


We offer a range of Deeds including Deeds of Retirement of Trustee and Appointment of New Trustee, Appointment and Removal of Beneficiaries and Deeds of Acknowledgement of Debt.

Professional Trustees

We offer our services as a Professional Trustee for many of our clients.  This is undertaken by one of our 8 Professional Trustee Companies or by one of our Directors personally. We take this role very seriously and consider it a fundamental responsibility to act in the best interests of the beneficiaries. Kelly Diprose is on the board of the New Zealand Trust Association.  

Other Documents

Abacus Administration can also prepare basic Deeds of Lease of Land and/or Livestock together with Agreements for Sale & Purchase of Shares, Livestock and/or Assets.

Company Services

Creating and Ending a Company

Abacus Administration are able to create new companies for our clients by preparing all the necessary documentation and liaising with the Companies Office as well as applying for an IRD Number, registering for GST and registering as a new Employer if required.  We can also bring your existing company to an end by preparing all the necessary documentation to wind the company up as well as liaising with the Companies Office and the IRD.

Changes to your Company

If you want to change the name of your existing company or issue new shares (or reduce the number of shares) we can undertake this on your behalf by preparing all the necessary documentation and liaising with the Companies Office.

Changes to Directors and/or Shareholders

Abacus Administration can attend to any changes of Directors and Shareholders as needed including appointing and removing Directors and making changes as to how shares are held.

Company Annual Returns

Every year a limited liability company is required by the Companies Act 1993 to file a Company Annual Return with the Companies Office regardless of whether it is trading or not.  We provide this service to ensure company administration compliance so that the filing is not missed, as failure to file risks the company being removed from the register.

Company Resolutions

Abacus Administration prepare Annual Company Resolutions in conjunction with your Annual Financial Statements as well as any other resolutions necessary to ensure that decisions made by the company are appropriately recorded especially when the company is contemplating a "major transaction".

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