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At Diprose Miller, we all take an interest in farming. Some of us have grown up on farms, some of us live on them, and others have invested in them. This puts us in a good position to be able to offer you expert advice and assistance in ensuring your accountancy and taxation services in relation to your farm are met.

Farm Performance Analysis

Farm performance analysis

Through our association with Dairybase, we can provide farmers with a performance analysis of their business and from this knowledge determine how you might set new goals and attain them. In essence, we can now develop your annual accounts into relevant and useable management information, using a per cow and per hectare basis to benchmark your farm against a huge database of other farms within New Zealand. It is anticipated that in conjunction with the financial analysis that we can provide, this facility will be expanded on by yourself or your farm consultant to include physical data comparatives such as your feed and fertiliser usage.

Appraisal of Farm and Herd Purchases

Appraisal of farm and herd purchases

The nature of farming has changed substantially over the last few years with farm prices increasing and farm incomes struggling to keep up. Share-milking opportunities are becoming hard to find and those wanting to be involved in the industry need to carefully review their options when investing in this market. The purchase of livestock in particular can have significant tax implications that need to be considered. With many years of farm accounting behind us we pride ourselves on our ability to provide quality advice to our clients on major farming decisions.

Appraisal of Farm and Herd Purchases

Farming on the front foot with Figured

Figured is a farm financial management solution that helps you farm on the front foot. It gives you everything you need to make immediate and future-focused farming decisions.

Livestock tracking, farm budgeting and forecasting tools work with Xero enabling you to confidently plan and reforecast with real time information when conditions change.  Figured plus Xero ensures you know exactly where the farming operation stands – and where it’s heading. 

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