Consultant and client going over farm accounting documents

At Diprose Miller we’re driven by success. We’re a rural accounting firm that progressively pursue new opportunities and technology that we know will help our clients succeed.

As a Figured Platinum Partner, we’re proud to work very closely with Figured on the development of several features to drive client growth, such as the new benchmarking reports. These reports allow us to benchmark historical data and the future budget/forecasted performance of client farms.

Farm Accounting Software

One such technology increasing in popularity among our agricultural clients is Figured on Farming, an online software that provides farmers with up-to-date financial information on demand to easily track:

  • Budgeted performance
  • Livestock movements
  • Milk production

Software Capabilities

Our clients also love the fact Figured can quickly and simply update forecasts for changes in pay-out, allowing them to quickly respond to these changes and see in real time what the impact is on their future cash flow.

And because it’s online, there’s no need to send files back and forth to the wider farming team and advisors, cutting down time spent on data administration and allowing more time for providing real insight to the client.


Combining Figured with Xero for farm accounting, means our farmers can access fully up-to-date, on-demand information anywhere there is an internet connection, and can share this information with the entire farming team and advisors at the click of button.

The future of farming is becoming increasingly volatile, with farmers not only having to respond to pay-out and climate events, but also ongoing changes in environmental and social concerns. Having up-to-date data is crucial for our clients to proactively manage these challenges.

With a national reach and clients that vary in size from single entities to groups of over 17 entities working together, Diprose Miller is a rural accounting firm with expertise in helping clients get up and running on Figured and ensure they gain the most from it every day.

If you’re looking to free up your time and make accurate timely decisions, Figured is an essential part of your financial toolkit. If you’d like to know more from one of the country’s leading figured experts. Contact the team at Diprose Miller today.

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