It’s no secret – running any business, whether trading or agri is a busy gig. Business owners often spend their days on the go, moving from one job to another, while overseeing staff, quoting jobs, and staying up to date on admin. The paper-trail can seem endless.

Effective Business Tools For Trade Businesses

The good news is, Xero and Tradify have teamed up to make life easier for trade business owners. Using Xero and Tradify together can simplify job management, make quoting and invoicing easy, and reduce paperwork and admin time.

Tradify Features

From the Office

  • Book Jobs and dispatch them to your teams
  • Stay on top of your workflow with easy job management
  • Kill the paper trail – all your info in one place

On the Go

  • Track staff, time and materials while out and about
  • Quote and invoice on the job from your smartphone/tablet
  • Real time updates between the office and the field

Xero Features

  • Do business anywhere and anytime
  • Track your cashflow online and in real time
  • Up to date reporting
  • Store all your documents online and securely
  • Real time connection with your consultants

Trade Accounting Tools With A Purpose

Tradify’s CEO and founder, Curtis Bailey, states he was “fed up” with the “rubbish solutions out there to run a trade business on the go” and devised the program with the aim of “taking the pain out of admin for tradespeople.” The online job management system is now used by over 10,000 tradespeople around the world and has users lining up to espouse its user-friendliness, time-saving ability, and easy quoting, invoicing and time reporting.

Tradify and Xero offer free trials and step-by-step demonstration videos so tradies and will easily become familiar with the programmes.

Join us at our FREE event to learn how to use Xero and Tradify for your agri or trading business.

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