Tax services for rental properties

We can guide you through the ins and outs of tax compliance for rental properties in New Zealand, and make sure you’re only paying what’s required. We’ll also take care of your tax returns and financial statements, which means you can focus on finding your next investment!

Purchasing an investment property

We can advise you on purchasing an investment property by analysing potential rental returns, profit forecasts and your own budget. We can also provide and review lease agreements that suit both you and your tenants, and advise you on the best way to structure or restructure ownership.

Mixed use holiday homes

Owning a holiday home is the great Kiwi dream, though it’s also quite common these days for people to rent out their holiday homes when they’re not using them. If you use your holiday home for both your own enjoyment and to earn an income, you’ll be subject to specific tax rules. Talk to us about how you use your holiday home and we’ll advise you on everything you need to know.

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