Professional trustee services

The directors of Diprose Miller provide professional trustee services for many of our clients’ trusts, either personally or through our many trustee companies. This is a responsibility we take very seriously.

While having a professional trustee is not a requirement, having an expert to help manage your trust can be a big advantage. Professional trustees have an intimate knowledge of the workings and administrative requirements of a trust, and can take the responsibility of correctly managing your trust’s affairs. Trustees are personally liable to the beneficiaries of a trust, so it’s worth ensuring things are done the right way.

We provide trustee services in good faith, ensuring that trustees are carrying out their functions correctly so your trust is protecting your assets as it is intended. This ensures that the interests of the beneficiaries of your trust are being protected, and the trust is being managed and run correctly.

Trustee services can range from complete administration and management, to specific tasks as required. Our team is more than happy to talk through the requirements of your trust.


Due to the abolition of Gift Duty, it’s no longer necessary to have a gifting programme. However, depending on your personal situation, this may still be necessary. We can oversee any annual gifting programme by preparing the necessary documentation each year, as well as taking care of everything you need for one-off gifting.

Trust resolutions and deeds

We prepare Annual Trust Resolutions in conjunction with your Annual Financial Statements. This also includes any other resolutions that are necessary to ensure that decisions made by the Trustees are appropriately recorded.

We offer the full range of Deeds, including Deeds of Retirement of Trustees and Appointment of New Trustees, Appointment and Removal of Beneficiaries and Deeds of Acknowledgement of Debt.

Company administration

As experienced finance and accounting professionals, we’re able to assist with company administration for businesses of all sizes. Our highly skilled staff can lend their expertise in whatever capacity your business requires, and this bespoke service can be customised for your needs.

Many administrators are generalists, but having someone with specific financial skills gives you peace of mind that your company administration is being done correctly.

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