The job market has had plenty of ups and downs in recent years so the challenge now is to attract and retain the top talent for your business. According to the Manpower Group, worldwide nearly 4 in 5 report difficulty in finding the right talent. This scarcity of talent can be a real stumbling block when your strategy relies on expanding your workforce and bringing the brightest minds into the business. So, how do you overcome this?  

Here are five ways to help you find the right talent: 

Offer competitive salaries, rewards, and benefits 

One of the top ways is to offer a competitive, above average wage and rewards/incentives package. A job is a job, so if you’re paying better than your competitors and offering a bonus system, you’re more likely to attract the skilled workers and professionals you need in your team.  

Make your workplace attractive 

Employees are attracted to a company that looks like a great place to work. So, there’s value in developing a company culture that values individual team members and their contribution to the wider team and business. Share what your business’ values are and what your workplace offers employees.  

Prioritise professional development 

It’s not just about the salary, benefits, and workplace but about upskilling your staff. Prioritise offering opportunities for growth and advancement – it’s a great way to retain your existing staff and allows your employees skillset to grow along with the business. 

Offer flexible working conditions 

The global pandemic changed the face of employment, and employees have enjoyed the benefits of remote and hybrid working. If you’re wanting to keep competitive and attract the top talent, you need to be embracing flexible working arrangements such as remote working, work-from-home days, flexible start/finish times, or a combination of these. It shows a level of trust and interest in the wellbeing of your staff. If your business isn’t one that can accommodate WFH or hybrid options, consider options such as finishing early one Friday a month.  

Recognise the talent already in your business 

Valuing, acknowledging, and rewarding your employees’ contributions is an excellent way to boost morale and job satisfaction. Happy employees are far more likely to remain in the business, grow with the business and keep your team more stable. 

Having the best people, talent, and skills gives your business the foundations it needs to evolve, grow, and diversify. Attracting and retaining top talent is fundamental to your business to allow you to hit your goals for the year ahead.