Don’t let the end of the financial year take you unaware. This checklist will help to ensure you have all the business documents you need for your Diprose Miller accountant to prepare your financial statements.

Your financial statements are the foundation of your business and can help guide your future business decisions. These financial statements are due at the end of every financial year – 31 March or 31 May.

To prepare these statements, we need the following business documents:

  1. Payroll information for your employees
  2. Closing inventory/work in progress figures on hand
  3. Confirmation of balance sheet items: bank statements, loans, term deposits, hire purchases
  4. Invoices for purchases or sales of assets over $500
  5. Debtors and creditors
  6. Dividend and interest certificates
  7. Insurance and ACC invoices
  8. Donation invoices


After the balance date has passed it is difficult to work backwards to try and get closing stock on hand or work in progress figures, so we encourage you to set a reminder and carry out stock take on the day be it 31 March or 31 May.

Being properly prepared for the completion of your annual financial statements can save you time and money in the long run, plus provide an insight into how you can improve your business going forward.